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News and Specials from MA-tec

Film about our marking laser Xpress

Xpress is the result of our many years of combined expertise in laser technology. We have further developed tried-and-tested basic elements and systematically tailored them to the requirements and guidelines of the European market.

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Protect V1

In today's working world, safety is an indispensable factor for a modern, safe and efficient workplace. Especially in the field of lasers, serious accidents can occur that can easily be avoided without much effort.

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We ignite!

Ignition module for lamp-pumped laser systems F94 and LP100. The ignition module is available again in sufficient quantity. The ignition module is specified for the F94 and LP100 laser systems.

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Documents for download

Replacement for writing head Turboscan TS10 and Scangine 10

3 Phase Manager - Extraction AD 1500

Ignition module for lamp-pumped laser systems F94 and LP100

Safety control Protect V1

Air flow meter